To get all the clinically proven benefits of flavonoids, you need at least 400 mg per day. But even the healthiest diets fall short of that goal. bionuvo’s consumers, though, consistently break through the 400 mg threshold, realizing new levels of health and vitality.

Flavonoids are naturally occurring plant compounds that, when taken regularly, promote longevity, overall health, and quality of life.

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what's inside

Inside each capsule of bionuvo are the highest-quality natural flavonoid extracts found on the face of the earth. With such a rich diversity of compounds - green tea, bilberries, and quercetin make up the “holy-trinity” of flavonoids. But where the magic of bionuvo comes from is our patented proprietary blend which truly brings these flavonoids to life.

By adding just the right amounts of high-quality natural fish oil, caffeine, and vitamin C, bionuvo delivers an exponential increase in absorption and activation in the body - clinically proven to help transform your health, increase your energy & focus, and slow the aging process.*

Green Tea

Sourced from Asia, our green tea is cultivated, harvested, and processed to extract the maximum amounts of natural flavonoids. Two bionuvo capsules are equivalent to drinking nearly 2 cups of the highest quality green tea in the world.


Found in Northern Europe, our wild bilberry extract is one of the most unique and pure products on earth. It contains an incredibly diverse flavonoid profile, providing a wide array of proven health benefits in a highly potent form.


Obtained from Northern Brazil, our pure quercetin extract is highly concentrated. In fact, the amount of quercetin extract in two bionuvo capsules is the flavonoid equivalent of eating ten red delicious apples!


*12 week double-blind clinical trial was performed on this exact proprietary blend and proven to promote greater health in 100% of participants taking bionuvo compared to placebo.

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world wide sourcing


Highly stable extracts derive from the best Flavonoid sources around the world, and are combined together in a capsule as a proprietary blend to create the best source for the US consumer to obtain the ultimate Flavonoid intake possible.

Green Tea: Asia

Bilberries: Northern Europe

Quercetin: Brazil

bionuvo’s patented flavonoid/partner nutrient blend is scientifically proven to maximize both bioavailability (greater absorption) and bioactivity (greater effect). With bionuvo, you get double benefits: elevated flavonoid intake and optimized absorption.
Taking bionuvo every day will supply your body with the proper nutrition it needs.