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Deliver an optimized and diverse profile of the world's highest-quality flavonoids each day - to promote greater health, longevity and life.

Flavonoids are natural compounds that plants develop to help them survive harsh conditions in the wild. When consumed regularly, they also play a critical role in protecting against disease and other health issues. With today’s modern diets, getting enough high-quality flavonoids from pure sources is becoming increasingly difficult - leading to a decline in health.
bionuvo is the most convenient and effective way to benefit from the most diverse and strong flavonoids from around the world to help optimize your health today and long into the future.


Exhaustively tested by top health and nutrition scientists, is clinically proven to deliver optimal flavonoid benefits—benefits that improve health, longevity, and life

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creating a new solution
to nutrient deficiency

For the first time in the history of North America, the next generation has a shorter life expectancy than the previous generation. Even with the most advanced health care the world has ever seen, North Americans are less healthy than ever before and their life expectancy is decreasing. In direct contrast to that environment, people living in certain geographic areas of the world are living longer and healthier lives.

After a long discussion about how this was possible, the partners of Berkley came up with the idea for . Berkley was determined to understand this paradox. It took Berkley and its research partners five years to find the answer, which centered around diet. Berkley concluded that the solution to living a longer and healthier life is the consumption of flavonoids in our diet.

berkley's research

After determining that flavonoids are the answer to living a longer and healthier life, Berkley spent several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars researching, testing and procuring the most pure and stable natural extracts high in flavonoids from around the world.


This research included not only combining these flavonoid extracts, but also identifying certain partner nutrients that make these flavonoids more absorbable and bioactive in the human body. Berkley’s research resulted in the development of the bionuvo supplement. bionuvo, containing three of the most potent flavonoids in the world and three of their nutrient partners, was deemed so unique that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Berkley a composition patent. Once Berkley developed bionuvo, a formula that could truly benefit every person alive, they wanted to prove how good the product was.

So they identified one of the world’s top nutrition researchers, Dr. David Nieman, to perform a clinical human trial on bionuvo. The trial showed that bionuvo not only provided the amount high levels of flavonoids that our bodies require to stay healthy and live longer, but the tests proved that these flavonoids were also being better consumed absorbed and used by the body, due to the its proprietary formula. The results were so strong that The Journal of Proteomics published the results of the trial in 2017.


how it works

bionuvo's patent-protected flavonoid formula has been scientifically proven to enhance both bioactivity (greater effect) and bio-availability (greater absorption), promoting the optimal flavonoid benefits your body needs!